Xbox One points

FIFA 18 xbox one points coinsAn Xbox One game with microtransactions in it? How strange. FIFA 18 brings with it heaps of new surprises and gameplay features but it does keep some good old friends. Mainly FIFA 18 coins and FIFA 18 points. FIFA 18 points are viewed by some as the superior version of coins and by others as the cheap microtransaction gimmick EA wants to hold over everyone. In whichever school of thought you are, you are going to need them.

FIFA 18 Xbox One best price

FIFA 18 points provide an excellent way to improve your team if you don’t have the time to grind for FIFA 18 coins and play with screaming kids that shout racial slurs when you score a goal. Points can be used pretty much everywhere in FIFA 18 since their main purpose is to give you a chance to not use FIFA 18 coins for a purchase. This is especially useful if you want good players because you can just wait FIFA 18 points to buy those shiny packs that have actually good people in them. How do you get FIFA 18 points you ask? Its either Pray or Pay with this. Xbox One players will not be spared from the microtransaction game and they just have to choose whether to give their cash to EA or to online retailers. Here is a hint though for all of you Xbox One users, when buy points who do you think will give you the best price? The guys that are milking you for money, or the guys that have played so much that they have a seemingly endless supply of every FIFA 18 resource? Think wisely on this one my friends.

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