FIFA 20 is going to be a huge deal once it pops out on the shelves and I don’t know if the crowds are going to kill to get it. FIFA 20 is predicted to be released on the 26th of September 2017 and will be available worldwide at that time. The release of FIFA 20 is going to be very important as FIFA games go since it will switch the series to an entirely different engine which will make the game even more beautiful than it already is.

FIFA 20 release when?

FIFA 20 will, most likely, be released as the whole entire package and will not adhere to the new trend of segmenting games into pay to play episodes. FIFA 20 will feature all of the basics such as FUT and Multiplayer as well as the random events we have all grown to love. Like we have stated, this addition to the FIFA franchise will be mostly focused on the use of the Frostbite engine to power flashier graphical features and you have already seen it at work during the trailer. This will mean that the crowds will finally stop looking like random cardboard cut outs and you will actually feel like you are on a football field in this game which, with the hopeful addition of the Journey mode in FIFA 20 will make the game amazing.


FIFA 20 will bolster the standard career mode as well and seeing how well FIFA 17 followed all of the real world events in football and mirrored it for FUT 17, there is no doubt that FIFA 20 will be able to make FUT 20 be amazing. FUT 20 will follow the same old formula and you will be tasked with creating the Ultimate Team in FIFA 20 or die trying… Ok not that bad but still. We already know that the player models and facial animations will be 10 times better than before and you will see a great improvement at the all-round animation of the players which will make for a more enjoyable game. As with all FIAF games, the release of FIFA 20 will be followed by tons of events and special deals from both EA and the less visited side of the internet like currency retailers that will try to entice you into playing

FIFA 20 events to be expected

FIFIA 20 a bit more just to get another Blue In Form card from the game. All in all, the release of FIFA 20 will be a huge one and will mark a great turning point for all of the following games in the FIFA franchise. A shame in some respects since we won’t be able to make those FUT videos where a players leg glitches out of the field and the whole game crashes, but a man can dream cant he?

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