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Not that big of a difference to be honest with every version of FIFA 20 being relatively the same across each platform with some minor discrepancies here and there. FIFA 20 coins for the PS 3 and PS 4 work the same way as always with only real difference being their online purchase from retailers since you would either have 2 consoles or 2 games with 1 profile. FIFA 20 coins are primarily used for FUT 20 which is the successor to the unimaginably popular gameplay mode of the previous games where you lead your hand picked team to success both online and offline.

PS4 FUT 20

FUT 20 players contain some of the biggest names in football which is why coins do tend to be hard to get in FIFA games and will probably remain like that in FIFA 19 a long time after its release. FIFA 19 Ultimate Team will probably be the best one yet thanks to EA’s community monitoring and we do hope that coins will not be all that much of a game breaker for most people. FIFA 20 coins will be obtainable through many ways but most of them will actually focus on you being good at the game and beating other players for that sweet coin filled victory.

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You can also buy FIFA 20 coins at online retailers that can make sure your FUT 20 stocks are full at all times, and trust me there are times where you will need this. Since EA releases a lot of content for FIFA games, there is no doubt that FIFA 20 will bring about a lot of special player cards for FUT 20 and special events that will cost you tons of FIFA 20 coins. But don’t worry, when playing on the PS 3 and PS 4 there are always many ways to become a rich man in FIFA 20 when talking about coins. Just be a huge winner at everything you do and you will pretty much have it all. Sounds easy, doesn’t it ? If not, online coin sellers are open 24/7 to get your hard earned money for heaps of FIFA 20 coins that you can use in FUT 20, and doesn’t that sound tempting?

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