If you are a big fan of the FIFA series, I guess you already know the FIFA 18 release date. On Friday, September 29, 2017 FIFA 18 will be released. Can’t you wait that long? With an EA membership, also named EA Access, you can play the game three days early. But there are other ways you can play the new FIFA series earlier. Do you want to know how you can play FIFA 18 as soon as possible? And how you can create the best team possible with fifa coins 18?

The FIFA 18 ICON Edition

Do you want to play FIFA 18 three days earlier? You have two options. You have to have an EA Access, or you have to buy the special Icon Edition. This special edition arrives three days earlier, the release date of this edition is Tuesday, September 26, 2017. You can use the fifa coins in the Icon edition just like in the other editions. You can use the coins to buy the best players on earth and create the best FIFA 18 team ever. You can choose players from your favorite team.

The three different FIFA 18 editions

Do you want to buy the new FIFA 18 game? You have to choose between three different versions. The first edition is the standard edition. You also can choose between the Ronaldo edition and of course the ICON edition. The Icon edition gives you an earlier access of three days.
It doesn’t matter which edition you prefer, you can buy fifa 18 ultimate team coins to create the best team possible.

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