FIFA 18 coins

As always, another FIFA game and another microtransaction fest. Nothing has changed all that much this time around and you will probably get used to the whole system in no time, however everything will depend on how you play the game. FIFA 18 brings the good old FUT mod back and coins are going to be in high demand from the start.

FIFA coins

As always, you can play FUT 18 with some random online opponent and win a heap of FIFA 18 coins which you can later use for many different FUT specific actions. These actions include purchasing of players which is a big deal as of late since the online Auction market for FIFA 17 was cutthroat competitive which means FIFA 18 will be even worse. That means savage moves on the market by coin hungry players that just want to get rich fast. FIFA 18 will keep that good old competitive spirit amongst the players, but fret not since you will not even have to use the market at all. The card purchase system will still be there which means that you can again spend your hard earned FIFA 18 coins on an off chance that you will get a good player from the random card generator.  A really sad thing is that FIFA 18 coins can be quite a high risk think to play with as in, you will be able to lose your FIFA 18 coins in mere moments because a lot of the ingame stuff is expensive as hell.

FIFA 18 coin sellers

FIFA 18 coin sellers exist of course and they will always be on standby for you to purchase cheap FIFA 18 coins just to advance through the game. Another key aspect about FIFA 18 coins we need to cover is the fact that coins are not the main currency for FIFA 18. FIFA 18 has two currencies, coins and points. It is my standing that coins are the most important currency in FIFA 18 but points can take you a long way. Whilst a lot of players love FUT they will find it quite difficult to resist the allure of FIFA 18 points which will just entice you to use them and buy them. Basically, FIFA 18 coins will remain mostly the same with some earning differences here and there but if you know how to manage your team then FIFA 18 will present no challenge to you in that field. Coins are always available at every step you take on the football field but if you don’t take them it’s your loss.

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