FIFA 19 The Journey Champions

As we referenced, the feature highlight in FIFA 19 The Journey is the capacity to play as Alex, Danny and Kim. With EA verifying the UEFA Champions League permit this year, that esteemed competition additionally includes noticeably in the story. We’ve pulled together a bunch of FIFA 19 The Journey controls each covering a seperate part of FIFA 19’s battle mode. Look at them through the connections just underneath, or read on for tips. Check out our partners at for the cheapest FIFA 19 coins, Fallout 76 caps and Warframe Platinum. Also Path of Exile items.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Main Choices and Rewards

Would you be able to Play as Danny Williams and Kim Hunter in FIFA 19 The Journey Champions?

While a year ago’s diversion included areas where you could play as Danny and Kim, FUFA 19 The Journey makes that one stride further by giving you a chance to change to their voyages anytime. Alex Hunter is as yet the begin, albeit maybe the most irritating of the three, so despite everything he gets the most time in the spotlight, however you could go through the majority of Danny’s story in the event that you’d incline toward – when the opening part is finished. We wouldn’t prescribe that choice, however, as there is a suggested way that bodes well to take. The FIFA 19 The Journey center point screen features the player switch menu if it’s an ideal opportunity to switch characters when EA has esteemed it the perfect time to do as such.

To what extent is FIFA 19 The Journey Champions?

By and by, FIFA 19 The Journey Champions is a really robust battle to play through. Contingent upon whether you play through all preparation activities (and you totally should), the story can take as long as 20 hours to finish, and that is before you factor in time went through altering and interfacing with web based life. While it’s enticing to reproduce preparing drills, particularly when you wind up doing likewise ones with each character, it’s exceptionally uncommon you’ll advance your aptitudes as much by taking this course. High appraisals win you more detail lifts, and recreations frequently result in D, E, or F evaluations.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Tips

While FIFA 19 The Journey Champions utilizes a similar key interactivity and aptitudes from the base amusement, there are a couple of contrasts. To enable you to become acclimated to the distinctions, we’ve assembled some supportive FIFA 19 The Journey tips beneath:

Play as the individual player, not the group or guides choice. This will guarantee you are centered around your situating and certainly goes far to enhance the authenticity of the experience. Playing as the entire group can frequently mean Alex, Danny, or Kim don’t get a lot of a look in.

Spend your Skill Points. You’ll win them by finishing preparing when playing as Danny and Kim, and they can have a major effect in a match. Alex is intended to be to a greater extent a completed article, so he doesn’t gain aptitude focuses, yet can see upgrades through preparing drills.

Try not to stress excessively over the discourse choices. While one will get you more supporters, and the other all the more remaining with the Manager, it doesn’t generally have a mess of effect at last.

Try not to recreate preparing, it could undoubtedly show you out of the beginning XI and you’ll pass up enhancing your general abilities.

Hold L1 to consequently reposition your player into the perfect position. In the event that you avoid position for a really long time your match rating will drop.

Hold R1 to arrange whatever is left of your group to press the rival with the ball.

Make an effort not to call for goes in awful positions, players will support going to you in the event that they can, so simply get into space and you’ll be fine.

In the event that you’re generally playing for the account understanding, at that point don’t be reluctant to dial the trouble down a bit.

Be cautious with handling. A confused handle is a simple method to see your live match rating drop.


FIFA 18 PC update reduces difficulty

The first FIFA 18 PC update has been rolled out. Among others The Journey and FIFA Ultimate Team are taken care of, while the difficulty level of some game levels is lowered.

Players found the amateur and semi-prof levels too difficult compared to other years, causing EA to lower the difficulty level for both levels. Also a bug that causes the home crowd to wear shirts with the wrong club colors during a match has been resolved.

In addition to that, there are also some crashes from the game through a patch. For example, many players complained that the game crashed when they arrived in chapter five of The Journey. With the new update this problem must be solved.

FIFA 18 PC update also adds new feature

The Champions Channel in FIFA Ultimate Team, where you can view and analyze matches of the highest ranked FUT players, also has some new features with the new FIFA 18 PC update. So you can now also look at missed shots and there is the possibility to hide the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Curious about an overview of all the changes in the FIFA 18 PC update? Then take a look at the official FIFA forum.

FIFA 18 was released on September 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Switch.

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FIFA Ultimate Team Icons

All these years it was pretty easy for us to guess who were going to be the star-players of the year. We just knew which players were having the highest ratings and which players we wanted to have with our fifa 18 coins. But now a change is coming and it’s so exciting! Because this is the first time FIFA Ultimate Team Icons is getting released soon and we are almost able to play with the best players in history!

Which Icons can we find in FIFA 18?

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  • Ronaldinho
  • Ronaldo Nazário
  • Diego Maradona
  • Pelé
  • Thierry Henry
  • Lev Yashin

And this is just a short list of all the players in the Icon edition.

Highest rated player of FIFA 18

The highest rated player of FIFA 18, with a rating higher than Cristiano Ronaldo, this year is also a Icon! With a number 98 on his 1970 card and be called one of the best players in FIFA history, Pele is this years highest rated player of FIFA 18. Do you want to play with such great players, you will have to buy a lot of fifa 18 ultimate team coins.

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Where to buy FIFA coins

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Release FIFA 18

Are you a big fan of the FIFA series? Are you playing this game almost every day? It is very likely you are looking forward to play the new FIFA 18 game. This game will be released very soon and we can’t wait to play it! In this article you can read everything about the new FIFA release. Think about the official date of release and the earlier date of release. And of course you have to make sure you have enough fifa 18 coins to create the best team possible.

Official release date FIFA 18

Well I know you are very curious, when is the first official date you can finally play FIFA 18? We don’t let you wait any longer. The official release date of the standard edition of FIFA 18 is on September, 29, 2018. Keep this day free in your agenda so you can buy the game and play it all day long. And make sure you have enough cheap fifa 18 coins so you can create a great FIFA 18 team.

Earlier date of release FIFA 18.

Haven’t you got the patience to wait for the official release date on September, 29, 2018? No worries, there is a way you can play the game earlier. If you order or pre-order the FIFA Icon edition, you are able to play the FIFA 18 game three days earlier. Do you want to know more about the FIFA 18 Icon Edition and the FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition. With the fifa 18 ultimate team coins you can create a great team and win lots of games.

Order or pre-order FIFA 18

When and where can you order FIFA 18? You can order and pre-order Fifa 18 online on the official EA Sports website. You can order and pre-order the Standard edition, the Ronaldo edition and the Icon edition. Do you pre-order the Ronaldo edition and the Icon edition? Then you receive a three days earlier access to the game.

When does FIFA 18 get released?

Although we’re in the middle of summer in Europe, plenty people look forward to play the new FIFA 18 game.
But when does the new FIFA game get released? Do we have to wait for a long time? Where can we look forward to?

Release date of FIFA 18

Luckily we don’t have got long left to wait! Because the new FIFA game get released on Friday, September 29, 2017. Are you totally hooked on the game? Is it difficult for you to wait that long? I mean, you have to wait for more than a month! No worries, you can play the game a few days earlier. I know that’s really great! Three days before the official release date you can play FIFA 18. You have to have EA Access, some sort of EA membership. With this membership you can play the game before everyone else and sometimes you can get nice discounts.

Create the best FIFA 18 team possible

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FIFA 18 coins and points

Since FIFA 18 is going to be a huge game which is no wonder that FIFA 18 points are going to be a currency used across all platforms. FIFA 18 points are sure to skyrocket in sales on the day of FIFA 18’s release and thanks to the fine services available at online sellers you will even be able to use Android and IOS phones to get your daily fix of FIFA 18. A really nice thing about FIFA games as of recent is that you can use FIFA 18 points, for example, on every console and PC you own since the profile system is spot on this time round. So whether it’s PS 3, PS4, XBOX or PC you will always be able to get FIFA 18 points for FIFA 18 and use them through the game for FUT 18 and various other neat features.

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Coins and points

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