FIFA 19 The Journey Champions

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions

As we referenced, the feature highlight in FIFA 19 The Journey is the capacity to play as Alex, Danny and Kim. With EA verifying the UEFA Champions League permit this year, that esteemed competition additionally includes noticeably in the story. We’ve pulled...
FIFA 19 The Journey Champions

FIFA 18 PC update reduces difficulty

The first FIFA 18 PC update has been rolled out. Among others The Journey and FIFA Ultimate Team are taken care of, while the difficulty level of some game levels is lowered. Players found the amateur and semi-prof levels too difficult compared to other years, causing...
FIFA Ultimate Team Icons

FIFA Ultimate Team Icons

All these years it was pretty easy for us to guess who were going to be the star-players of the year. We just knew which players were having the highest ratings and which players we wanted to have with our fifa 18 coins. But now a change is coming and it’s so...

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Are you looking for a cheap and reliable coins seller? Then you are at the right address. We will tell you more about our experiences with You probably already have pre-ordered one of the three FIFA 18 editions, and you want to make sure you buy the...
FIFA Ultimate Team Icons

Release FIFA 18

Are you a big fan of the FIFA series? Are you playing this game almost every day? It is very likely you are looking forward to play the new FIFA 18 game. This game will be released very soon and we can’t wait to play it! In this article you can read everything about...

When does FIFA 18 get released?

Although we’re in the middle of summer in Europe, plenty people look forward to play the new FIFA 18 game. But when does the new FIFA game get released? Do we have to wait for a long time? Where can we look forward to? Release date of FIFA 18 Luckily we don’t have got...

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